How to use the right keywords to sell jewelry on Ebay

Selling on Ebay can seem like a daunting task with all the competition. Especially products like jewelry, how do you get someone to find your listing? Well, that is actually the first step. You first need to get buyers to find your listing amongst all the rest on ebay. How do you do that? That would be KEYWORDS my friends. You need to use the right KEYWORDS for each piece.

We would like to give you an example. Below we have two jewelry pieces that are very similar. However, one sold for almost 4 times as much. Let’s take a look at how the more expensive one has better key words. First, you need to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes.

If you were a buyer of such a piece what would you instinctively type in to find such a piece on ebay? Some keywords are standard for the this piece like the words “Shoulder, and Body Jewelry”. However, some words made the other one stand out amongst the rest.


1) They used the word STATEMENT, because this is a statement piece.

2) They used the word CHUNKY, again this is a common word a buyer may use to describe the size of the piece they are looking for.

3) They mentioned the color GOLD, again buyers may be looking for a specific tone, so it’s important to mention that.

4) Finally the best KEYWORD for last, they used the word CLEOPATRA, if a buyer couldn’t fully explain what they are looking for they can explain and icon or era. So words, for example, like ART DECO, VICTORIAN, GYPSY and others help buyers explain what theme of jewelry they are trying to find.


1) Ebay and many other online websites limit the number of words you can use in your listing title. It is important to use your words wisely.

2) This seller used the words Sexy, Fashion, and Women. Most buyers would not type in these terms to find what they are looking for. They usually type in descriptive words. The seller would have been better off describing the tone, style and other things.

We hope this was informative to you. Please check here for in the future for more tips on how to sell jewelry on ebay. If you have any jewelry you are trying to list on ebay and need some advice, feel free to email us, we are happy to help our customers become successful in their small businesses.

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