How to take the right pictures of jewelry to sell on Ebay

It can be challenging to make your jewelry stand out to buyers on ebay. Buyers scroll through the ebay gallery and it can easily get blended in to the abyss of the other pieces. In this post we will try to provide you with useful tips to get buyers to click on your products and hopefully complete a sale. 

Below we have two similar necklaces that were on eBay. One necklace is almost sold out, and sold for a good amount of money. The other was listed at almost half the price and didn’t even sell. We will try to evaluate each sellers strategy and why one did better than the other.


1) Used a torso that is similar to the size of a human body. This is important because buyers can imagine how this would lay on their own bodies.

2) Torso color is a light color without any patterns or distractions that could take away from the details of the jewelry.

3) Detailed photos show the necklace at different angles, and they stayed with the same theme of simplicity. 

4) Background in the image is also plain so buyers don’t get distracted.

5) The lighting is good.

The above seller sold their necklace for roughly double. The listing below did not even sell regardless of the fact that it was almost $20 less. We will attempt to discuss what this seller did wrong.


1) The necklace holder is too small for the piece. Buyers would not be able to imagine how this would look on them. It also makes the piece look sloppy and could deter buyers because they would think it would not hang nicely on their chest.

2) The background used is still distracting, they put the necklace holder on a chair, so instead of having buyers focus on the product they get distracted about everything else that is going on. It also makes the seller appear unprofessional, like a seller that is selling from their apartment. Even if you are selling from your home, you want to always have your pictures look professional which portrays a better image about you and your company. When looking at the two comparisons, who would you trust?

3) In the detailed photos, instead of sticking with the same theme, and keeping up with simplicity, the seller put the necklace on a busy patterned background.

We hope these tips were useful to you. If you need any advice on your photographs for online sales feel free to reach out to us. It is our goal to see our customers successed in thier small business goals.Tags: 

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