Checking profit on products for Amazon

We have done a short video about ten minutes. That takes 3 products from our website that have brandnames. We show you how to use the amazon fba calculator and how to access what your profit margins would be when analyzing a product.

$15.35 – $20.96 PROFITLancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream Fluid 1.7 oz. Sells on Amazon $69.99, we sell it for $38.53

$7.41 – $10.65 PROFITGwee – Racer , microfiber screen cleaner with ultra fresh microbial protection. Sell on Amazon for $12.95, we sell it for 0.40 cents.
Three products on our site that you can sell for a profit right now on Amazon
If you are an amazon seller and are looking for brand name items that are in demand and have a good profit margin, then watch this video! We walk you through how to access the profit margin on a product using the fba calculator, and we show you three products that are on our site, available for you to purchase and turn a quick profit. 

If you are not an amazon seller, but sell products online, this resource still may be useful for you. All three products are displayed below for your convenience if you are interested in purchasing after watching the deep profits you can make.  

$11.70 – $15.99 PROFITPoGoCam wearable camera with smartcase that recharges. Attaches magnetically to glasses. Sells on Amazon $29.99, we sell it for $9.50

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